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   Source ID   Title, Author 
101 S712234341 Algerita Clark Bell, 24 December 1993.
102 S712234395 Algerita CLARK Richardson, on Cookie's Corner, 6 Apr 2000.
103 S-2038295797 Alma Berg, Ethel Tate and Ray Haney
104 S712234227 American Civil War Regiments
Historical Data Systems, comp 
105 S-889363812 American Civil War Soldiers
Historical Data Systems, comp. 
106 S712199941 Ancestral File (R)
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 
107 S712199969 Ancestral File (TM)
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 
108 S710407188 Ancestrhy DNA test
109 S712200011 Ancestry Family Trees
110 S713367669 Ancestry Family Trees
111 S712234508 Annie Mae CLARK Tucker shows Martha L. Clark replaced Martha L. Hawthon on Liberty County Tax records in 1865; Lillie Clapp Phelps shows CLARK & Martha married Abt 1865, Texas.
112 S712234036 Annie Mae CLARK Tucker, 2004.
113 S712234209 Annie Mae CLARK Tucker.
114 S-2038295790 Application for Marriage License
115 S711705526 Arizona, Death Records, 1887-1960
116 S712234529 Ark Lodge Cemetery, Caseyville, Union County, , KY.
117 S-2038295793 Ark Lodge Cemetery, Caseyville, Union County,, KY.
118 S712199991 Arkansas Marriages, 1851-1900
Dodd, Jordan, Liahona Research, comp. 
119 S712199977 Arkansas, County Marriages Index, 1837-1957
120 S712236061 Arkansas, County Marriages Index, 1837-1957
121 S717001587 Arkansas, County Marriages Index, 1837-1957
122 S717635119 Arkansas, County Marriages Index, 1837-1957
123 S712236059 AWTP: The Edde/Conner Family Page
124 S712234154 Barbara Peterson from Cookie's Corner, 2 Dec 2003.
125 S712234139 Barbara Peterson from Cookie's Corner, 5 Dec 2003.

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