The author, on retreat; June 2019

The author, on retreat; June 2019.

I recently made the discovery that my actual, physical address book has not been updated since the 20th Century.

Please help me update it!


PS: Some have commented that the form doesn’t allow them to enter their cirrect birthdate. Others do not have this issue. If it happens to you, just add your birthdate information in the comments field.

Thanks again!

I'm rebuilding my address book, so I need this information, along with email address and phone numbers. Thanks!
What's your home phone number?
Cellphone or other mobile number?
Hey! What's your birthday? You can either complete the form again for other family members, or just add their info in the comments, below. Note: To change the year, click on the 2020, and select the actual birth year.
(SCA, Craft, Nom de Plume etc.)
At least a few words about how we know each other or how we are related. My memory isn't quite what it used to be for these things
Yeah - what's today's date, so I can tell if you've updated this since the last time you filled this out? THANKS!